AOIO Mission Statement

AOIO's primary purpose is to maintain a partnership with the groups in our community of South-Central and Southeastern Ohio, aiding those groups with carrying the Alcoholics Anonymous message to those who still suffer from alcoholism. AOIO shall be maintained, supervised and supported by those groups. AOIO will be responsible to the member groups that it serves and will adhere to the principles and spirit of A.A.'s Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts of World Services and the Three Legacies of Unity, Recovery and Service.

What is AOIO's Primary Purpose?

In pursuit of AOIO's primary purpose, the Appalachian Ohio Intergroup Office shall maintain an office for, among other things:

  • To provide a means for receiving requests for help, for information about A.A. meetings and activities in the area, and coordinate 12 Step calls.
  • To provide a directory of A.A. meetings in the communities served by AOIO.
  • To act as a central forum for disseminating information about Alcoholics Anonymous and A.A. meetings within the community, both inside and outside the A.A. fellowship - including treatment and correctional facilities.
  • Serving as guardian of our Traditions in relation to A.A. members and the general public; recognizing the A.A. program is one of attraction and not promotion.
  • Specifically excluded from the Intergroup's purpose is the operation or maintenance of a club, clubhouse, residence for the stay, care or treatment of alcoholics; or affiliation with same, whether direct or implied.
  • Summing up: AOIO is the "service agency" for member A.A. groups, and for the general public.

How is AOIO Funded?

AOIO's financial policies and practices shall be based on the spiritual principles embodied in A.A.'s Seventh Tradition and Warranties One and Two of Concept XII.

  • AOIO ought to be fully self-supporting declining outside contributions.
  • AOIO shall never become the seat of perilous wealth or power.
  • Sufficient operating funds, plus an ample Reserve should be AOIO's prudent financial principle.

The activities of AOIO shall be financially supported by:

  • Funds voluntarily contributed by groups.
  • Funds contributed by individual members, not to exceed the amount suggested by the General Service Conference.
  • Sale of General Service Conference approved literature.
  • Other sources as approved by the Advisory Board in accordance with the GSO Guidlines for Intergroups/Central Offices.
  • No debt, contract or continuing obligation shall be incurred without the consent of the Intergroup Representatives.